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Customer Testimonials

This company has the best sales and service. They have a first class management team and a prompt, knowledgeable sales team that keeps me informed of the latest products. The loads from their warehouse are really well organized. That and the prompt, courteous helpful drivers make all the difference.

— Jim Reynolds, Meat Supervisor
Rays Food Places, Shop Smart Foods, & Price Less Foods
(Portland Distribution Center)

Our experience with Harvest Meat Company has been nothing but amazing. Every time you call you receive a positive vibe and amazing customer service. We personally have had a great experience and above and beyond customer service from our sales rep, Irma Serna! She is an outstanding rep and has gone above and beyond for our business satisfaction. Even if Irma is out of the office, we do not worry because we know we are being taken care of and in good hands. The quality of products we receive is always to our satisfaction with very reasonable prices that are hard to beat. Overall, we have enjoyed our experiences with Harvest and will continue our service with them!

— Elsa Yanet Chavez, Owner
El Rodeo Meat Market
(Denver Distribution Center)

Harvest Meat Company is our number one meat provider. The Company has always had the best deals and best meat. Our Sales Rep is always here to help with professional service. Thank you for being here!

— Adam Lopez, Meat Buyer
Supermercado La Michoacan, Springdale, AR
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

Harvest offers excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they sincerely care about our best interest. Our Sales Rep Steve is very knowledgeable and customer driven. He has volunteered his time and talents during special events at our locations. We have a relationship with Harvest and Steve that we trust.

— Ed & Anita Kirkland, Owners
Harvest Meat Markets, Lakeland, FL
(Orlando Distribution Center)

I like to buy my beef from you because you always carry the brand I want. Your service is very good and 99% of the time you have the product I need.

— Yolanda, Meat Buyer
Loz Feliz Market
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

Harvest has been a partner for many years. It’s a pleasure working with the Harvest Team. They have delivered above and beyond expectations. We see a lot of opportunities for both Seafood City and Harvest for growth. Thank you very much for your support.

— William Go, Owner
Seafood City
(Los Angeles Distribution Center)

Over the 27 years our family owned company has been in business, we have worked with a number of meat suppliers and I can honestly say working with Harvest is not only the easiest but also the friendliest! Everyone on their staff has been helpful, knowledgeable and understanding! I feel that Harvest makes every effort to introduce us to new products and makes every attempt to save us money! Whether you run a small shop like we do or a major retail chain, it is always important to feel like you have an ally in your corner and Harvest has proven to be just that! And John and Virginia are the BEST!!!!

— Jessica S. Bobitsky, President
Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meats
(Denver Distribution Center)

All of the people on your sales team are so easy to work with. My orders arrive on time, 100% of the time with no shorts. The product is always current and the mix of products you offer work great to meet my changing needs. In this fast- paced business, your constant communication helps me make informed decisions that save me money.

— John Dvorak, Corporate Director of Fresh Meat Processing and Procurement
Reinhart Foodservice
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

I have done business with Harvest Meats for the last 10 years. They have always been very dependable and provided me with a variety of quality products as well as great service. I am particular about the items I purchase and I find them to be very accommodating. Their salesman is always courteous, respectful and very professional.

— Debbie Wilson, Owner
Club House Market, LLC
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

We have been doing business with WBX for over 25 years! Management, sales staff and transportation have many years of experience in the industry. It’s a great feeling knowing that the sales team will offer the latest products at competitive pricing, and transportation always getting our orders too us on time. It would be hard to imagine doing business anywhere else! Thanks for all your efforts!

— Mario Santana, Meat Buyer
Roth’s Fresh Markets
(Portland Distribution Center)

You have great pricing and the products are very good. I’m very happy with your service and I plan on being loyal to you in the future. Erin does a very good job taking care of me.

— Mony, Meat Buyer
Carniceria Mi Tierra
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

Being a Distribution company ourselves they have the variety of products that meets our needs. Dean’s has worked with Western Boxed Meats for over 14 years. We have worked directly with several buyers and sales staff over the years and they are courteous and helpful.

— Shelly Smisek, Sales & Office Manager
Dean’s Distributing, Inc.
(Portland Distribution Center)

Each year our company hosts a Customer Appreciation BBQ and Harvest Meat Company has been instrumental in enabling us to provide the quality product to which our customers have become accustomed. Harvest offers superior prime graded beef and extremely competitive pricing. The delivery service is timely and reliable. Our sales representative, Irene Sandoval has become a trusted partner in that she knows the quality we expect and recommends new products that will fit in our store. Irene supports us with in-store visits and is currently assisting us in building our Deli, Dairy and Cheese Departments. Harvest Meat Company has been active in helping Alexander’s Prime Meats and Catering attain the title of Best Butcher in Los Angeles.

— Alexander Milazo, Owner
Prime Meats and Catering
(Los Angeles Distribution Center)

As a customer, we’ve enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Harvest Meats. We have found Harvest to be attentive, responsive and fair. From the top down, Harvest embodies professionalism, dedication and support. We are grateful for the support and guidance they have given us over the years. We’d highly recommend utilizing Harvest as a go-to source for all things meat. As a vendor, we’ve been lucky to enjoy Harvest’s business as a customer for many years now. From sales to the warehouse staff, we’ve always been treated like family. The entire staff supports our brand, helping us to grow our business within the local distribution footprint as well as their other branches.

— Chris Johnson, President
Rome Sausage Company
(Denver Distribution Center)

Yvette is very professional and very dependable when it comes to calling me and facilitating my orders. She always let’s me know if there are shortages or other issues regarding my orders. She’s very enjoyable to talk to and always makes me feel that my business is appreciated.

— Steve Keel, Manager
Kent’s Market Deli
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

In today’s competitive market Western Boxed Meat has been instrumental in finding us value and quality items. Their commitment to customer service and follow though is excellent. They are a valuable partner in our retail business.

— Pete Pourroy, Meat Supervisor
Super 1 Foods
(Portland Distribution Center)

Many customers have commented on how much they like the new addition and re-model in general. Other comments have included our much improved service level in having orders filled and loaded in a timely manner, the excellent appearance and condition of boxes and product at time of purchase, the “loyalty card” benefit and the convenience of having a nice waiting area with coffee and treats for the kids.

— Various Cash and Carry Customers
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

From day one the sales and procurement staff at Harvest Meat have provided excellent service in all respects. Their helpful staff provides not only the full range of products that our customers demand but also current market trends that help us navigate this highly competitive business.

— Toney Orel, Meat Buyer
Oklahoma City Meat Co.
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

I like the quality of the products and I know I’m going to get the same products every time I order. I enjoy doing business with Harvest and Luz takes good care of our needs. Deliveries are on time and product is in good condition.

— Jesus, Meat Buyer
Campos Market
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

Harvest does a lot of extra things for us that we really appreciate. Matt has set up a delivery schedule that works very well for us that includes direct deliveries on Harvest trucks as well as some cross-docks to our outlying stores. The process is working very well. The deliveries are on time and the products arrive in great condition. Matt is helping make everyone’s job easier and more efficient. We try to put as much freight as possible through Harvest…we have a great partnership with Harvest that is growing all the time.

— Don, Meat Supervisor
Ridley’s Markets
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

Great service and friendly sales staff!! Always willing to help and you don’t get that everywhere these days!! Keep up the great job you’re doing!!

— Damon Clopton, Meat Buyer
Fanestil’s Meats
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

We had a communication problem between Matt and me that created a very difficult situation regarding a product return. Ken and Matt worked with me to take the product back and were very understanding even though I was also at fault. I’ve done business with that branch for over 25 years and this is one of the reasons why. I’ve always felt that I was more than just an “account”. Matt and Harvest always support our Boy’s and Girl’s Club Summer Activity and that is also appreciated very much by me and the kids.

— Chris, Owner
Midvale Mining
(Salt Lake City Distribution Center)

Harvest Meat has provided excellent service and great quality products time and time again. The sales staff is friendly and will go out of their way to help out in a pinch. The products we have received are great quality and are delivered quickly and on time. Harvest Meat has become a trusted resource for great products.

— Scott Turpen, Meat Manager
Moon’s Hometown Market
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

I have been buying meat from you all for several years. Just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate the service I get from your employees. I have known and dealt with Paula for over 30 years. You all have got a keeper there! She is good at what she does. She really takes care of business. Friendly, up on pricing, and finds whatever I request for the store. Your delivery man is very good as well. That Jervis is outstanding! I appreciate all of your staff so far.

— Bob Parmley, Meat Manager
Marvin’s Foods, Miami, OK
(Kansas City Distribution Center)

La Pradera has been doing business with Harvest Meat Distributors for several years, four to be exact. We have experienced above average service from your personnel in Sales, Warehouse, Delivery and Credit. Your product quality standards are at a level which meet our companies requirements. Your sales people are knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Your deliveries are prompt and the orders are not shorted. Your credit department is tough but fair. We are looking forward to a continued, long lasting business relationship with Harvest Meat Distributors.

— Nicholas Tunzi, Jr., President
La Pradera Carniceria
(Los Angeles Distribution Center)

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