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Effective 10/1/16, New USDA Guidelines for ground raw beef.

New USDA Guidelines and Record keeping Requirements will be effective October 1, 2016 for ALL Retail Stores and Official Establishments that grind raw beef product. Below are some links and documents that will direct you to the USDA website and also help explain the new guidelines.

*** The final rule from the USDA Food & Safety and Inspection Service.  Click the link below and it is first rule on the list.

*** The USDA FSIS Rules & Regulations.  Be sure to check the USDA website for any updates to these Rules & Regulations.


*** An article that will give you a brief overview.


*** A grind log, which is part of the new USDA requirements.

Grind Log for USDA


Harvest provides these links as a service to its customers but Harvest does not provide legal advice on how to comply with these regulations. Please consult with your own legal counsel for that.