5 Creative Ways to Merchandise Your Store for St.Patrick’s Day

Gearing yourself up for a holiday sale can be easier said than done, but if you do not have a proper plan in place then your efforts may be in vain. The following tips can help you generate impulse sales in a fun, imaginative way. Break yourself out of the box and be unique and original. Don’t look at merchandising as a mundane task but as a way to be creative and inventive!

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Health Benefits of Catfish

Why Celebrate Catfish Month? Some of you may not know that August is National Catfish Month. Let’s celebrate by learning some of the history and health benefits of catfish and hearing about Heartland Catfish, our valued Harvest vendor! On August 1, 2013, congress...

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4 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Seafood Display

You can have the best seafood selection in town, but if you don't display it properly, customers will pass it by. Use these tips and a little effort can go a long way toward creating attractive seafood displays that will help generate impulse sales and create a good impression of “freshness and quantity” that will benefit the entire store. Merchandising is more of an art than science so have fun and get creative!

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