Health Benefits of Catfish

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Why Celebrate Catfish Month?

Some of you may not know that August is National Catfish Month. Let’s celebrate by learning some of the history and health benefits of catfish and hearing about Heartland Catfish, our valued Harvest vendor!

On August 1, 2013, congress designated the month of August as National Catfish Month in honor of the hard working and pioneering catfish farmers here in America. The majority of U.S. Farm- Raised Catfish are produced on family-owned farms where many are second – or third generation catfish farmers.  U. S. farm-raised catfish is also known as the all-America fish, due to it being 100% American grown. Many of these farms are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.

Health Benefits of Catfish

There are several health benefits to catfish.  It is low in healthy fats, a great source of anti-inflammatory omega 3s, and a great source of protein.  Catfish also packs a punch for essential nutrients our bodies need to function.  The extremely high levels of vitamin B-12 in catfish supports normal red blood cell formation and neurological health as well as a myriad of other health benefits.  A 3 oz serving provides just over 100%  of the dietary reference intake(DRI) of B-12. The same 3 oz service also provides 16% DRI of thiamine and 13% DRI niacin, which aid in energy production, neurological functions and skin and nerve growth.  As for minerals, 3 ounces provides 21% of the DRI for magnesium and 8% of the DRI for potassium as well as trace amounts of zinc and iron.  All of these minerals are perform vital bodily functions geared toward keeping your bones, muscles, heart and brain working properly.

Heartland Catfish, a Harvest Valued Vendor

Heartland Catfish, a valued and trusted vendor here at Harvest Food Distributors, is here to supply us with catfish all month long and all year long. Heartland has been in the catfish industry since the mid 1970’s when the Tackett family started their catfish farming business that grew to about 9,300 fresh water acres of catfish production, making it the single largest catfish operation in the world.  As business evolved, Tackett Fish Farms evolved into what is known today as Heartland Catfish.  Over the years they have become very-versed in raising and producing high-quality product, offering a wide variety of products including fillets, nuggets, steaks and whole fish—each more delectable and tasty as the last.

Take advantage of these great items and more by visiting our website and calling our sales staff today to learn more about how we can help you.

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