Harvest Food Distributors Merges with Sherwood Food Distributors

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Blog

With the merger between Harvest Food Distributors and Sherwood Food Distributors, two like-minded, family-run businesses partner to form a national network of distribution routes, warehouses, retailers and foodservice customers.

Both companies are known for operating with integrity and meeting the local needs of customers in any region with frequent, reliable distribution of protein and perishable products. Based in Detroit with a significant Eastern U.S. footprint, Sherwood Food Distributors is a mirror-image of Harvest’s operations in the West, making this merger truly complementary.

The merger keeps the best of both companies intact, with no immediate change in service to suppliers or customers, and no staff reduction. For suppliers, this means Harvest Food Distributors can now offer national distribution through a single sale, in addition to offering full-service transportation, storage and freight services. For customers, it means an expanded product portfolio and opportunity to grow into other markets.

Both Harvest and Sherwood have a history of acquiring a variety of natural and specialty brands that meet the demands of today’s consumers with regard to origin, purity, sustainability and animal care. Offering commodities and branded products, both companies stock retailers throughout the perimeter of the store, including bakery, deli, meat and seafood departments, and offers marketing resources to help drive sales.

To learn more about Sherwood Food Distributors, visit www.sherwoodfoods.com.

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