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Date CreatedCustomer NameAccount NumberYour NameYour PositionDepartmentDepartmentEmailPhoneSales AssociateHow many will be attending The Food Show?How many will be attending The Food Show
March 4, 2023Kennewick Red AppleMichaelOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Austin3
March 3, 2023Hmart689Mr. ChangStore ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 686-9153Derek Morejohn1
March 3, 2023Cason's2113TheoOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 317-1684Derek Morejohn1
March 3, 2023The Kirby Group1586Paul TorgramsenBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 237-4254Kevin Marcotte4
March 3, 2023Shop n kart2170Ryan SchneiderMeat dep managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Jesse1
March 2, 2023Market of ChoiceLauren BellandKitchen Sales ManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(406) 493-2103Eliot Nelson/Greg Donnelly2
March 2, 2023Cascade Organics3352John MealustbuyerOtherMeat and SeafoodsEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 352-9634Eliot6 or More6
March 2, 2023San PedroShip Supply238Jenny LaGrandeBuyerOtherBuyer Chill , Freeze and DryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 288-1900Eliot4
March 1, 2023Mike GerichsMike GerichsDir of COPMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 894-4700Renee Wolfe1
March 1, 2023Jay Wymer3063Jay WeimerManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 736-6249AL Shelton4
February 28, 2023Portland Quality Meats2445PedroOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Fernando Salinas2
February 28, 2023Matt's meats323Kristi and MattOwnersMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 749-4525Eliot4
February 28, 2023Garner's Meats137Jerry or Rick MinorOwnersMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 252-9547Eliot5
February 28, 2023Aloha Produce1149DARINOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 849-3206JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023ALOHA PRODUCE1149LUISSALES ASSOCIATEMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 875-9134JAZMIN1
February 28, 2023Willamina IGA3641OscarManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(971) 241-87711
February 28, 2023CARNICERIA LA CABANA #33329JOELMANAGERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 308-8188JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023CARNICERIA 3 PUEBLOS KENNEWICK1863FEDERICOOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(831) 261-1318JAZMIN4
February 28, 2023CARNICERA 3 PUEBLOS PASCO3294JOSEOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(831) 261-1766JAZMIN4
February 28, 2023TEMPLEMAN'S MARKET INC1825JASONOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 380-6676jazmin2
February 28, 2023ERICKSON'S THRIFTWAY PRINEVILLE1690DAVEMANAGERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 233-8791jazmin1
February 28, 2023RANCHO MEAT MARKET3130FILIBERTOOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 792-8355jazmin1
February 28, 2023SHERMS MEDFORD555BOBBIEMANAGERBakeryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 727-1577JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023AG SPECIALTY255JESSIEPURCHASING SPECIALISTDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 730-0612JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023ROTHS3541KEVINDIRECTOR OF BAKERIESBakeryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 851-1242JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023ROTH'S669STEVEDIRECTOR OF DELIDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 409-7374JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023PLAZA MARKET1625AMYMANAGERDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 732-1846JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023MARVEL FOOD & DELI TACOMA3478MARKOWNERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 266-7841JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023Marvel food & deli Auburn3477AndrewOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 249-5056JAZMIN2
February 28, 2023WEST PORT SHOP N KART2173VERONICAMANAGERDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 508-8972JAZMIN2
February 27, 2023Cascade select marketJames McMahonMeat ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 751-8519Adam Goss2
February 27, 2023Battle Ground Produce1346Wilson EdlerManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 448-0122Curtis Grant2
February 27, 2023Top Choice MeatMatt FereroOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(971) 806-3174Jesse2
February 27, 2023gas vac973geraldine acreguestMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.russ2
February 27, 2023Gas Vac973RoxownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 294-3996
February 27, 2023Pacific Coast Fruit Company206Sara A ThompsonSenior Director of ProcurementOtherPurchasingEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(971) 803-2975Evan Cole3
February 27, 2023Nicky Usa1662Aaronhead purchaserMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 516-5290Jazmin4
February 27, 2023La Morenita3587EstherOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 202-2427Jazmin3
February 27, 2023Ray's retail Meats2821RandyOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 248-3900Jazmin3
February 27, 2023Fullers Shop N Kart2173AleshaOwnerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 909-3497Jazmin5
February 27, 2023Fullers shop N Kart2846YvetteBakerBakeryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 388-1261Jazmin2
February 23, 2023La Tapatia3755Mauricio AlvarezOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 710-1577Fernando Salinas2
February 23, 2023La Tapatia #2724Juan AlvarezOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 989-0948Fernando Salinas2
February 23, 2023La Tapatia1404Ricardo AlvarezManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 457-7278Fernando Salinas2
February 23, 2023El Mercado de Quincy2299Owen ParsleyStore ManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 787-4567Fernando Salinas2
February 23, 2023Fatima Lopez4044Super mercados Inc.OwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 518-63002
February 23, 2023OKIES3279leonard mcgrathMeat managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 244-91134
February 22, 2023Hines Meat Co3825Jake HinesOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 975-3681Austin2
February 21, 2023Village Market3623charles robertsonPrepared Foods ManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 548-0374Bobby Hutcherson5
February 20, 2023PDC Wholesale2521Brandon DuenasSales RepresentativeMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(671) 683-58734
February 20, 2023Mike's meat and seafood#2659Mike McKeeownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 421-5933Brent Langahm
February 20, 2023The Myers Group LLC3515Angie MillerDirector of Food ServiceDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 913-4844Louie Agosto1
February 19, 2023Payless Distribution Center (PDC) WholesaleChris SgroGeneral ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(671) 788-2476Renee Wolf1
February 18, 2023Grandview IGA MarketJohnny RodriguezMeat managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 941-3837Bryce McKay2
February 10, 2023Ocean Beauty Seafoods SeattleProspective CustomerMike CoulstonGeneral ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(206) 719-6863Allen Shelton2
February 9, 2023Mi Pueblo Market2232Esteban CamachoOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 670-5015Sylvia Rojas2
February 9, 2023Los Tres Pueblos3689Aaron VizcainoCo-ownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 293-3417Sylvia Rojas4
February 8, 2023VLN Investments2400Alvaro RestrepoOwnerOtherMeat DepartmentEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 515-2701Fernando Salinas6 or MoreLeticia Restrepo
February 8, 2023Northern Meatschill 3772 frz 73772Kevin BrookshireBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(907) 561-1729Eliot3
February 8, 2023Juanito's Foods LLC420Juan C. GutierrezBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 901-4277Austin2
February 5, 2023K&C County meats Dba GENES MEAT MARKETRussel Krein - Derek MorejohnSteven GiesyOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 510-9950krein-morejohn3
February 3, 2023Rod's Quality Meats4026Rod KlannOwner/ MeatcutterMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 527-5962Connie Klann2
February 2, 2023Dawsco Corp.1793Kenny DawsonOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(206) 819-2905Derek Morejohn2
February 2, 2023Van Vleet357Paul AustinBuyer/salesMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 936-0964Paul2
February 1, 2023SARRS SUPER SAVER FOODSTIMOTHY ACKERMANMEAT MANAGERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 778-2540AUSTIN JUDD2
February 1, 2023Forks Outfitter3453JillDeli ManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 374-9502Adam Goss1
February 1, 2023Forks Outfitters3452SonnyMeat Deparment ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 374-9502Adam Goss1
February 1, 2023Forks Outfitters3453Dan TrickyBakery ManagerBakeryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 374-9502Adam Goss1
January 31, 2023Norhtwest GrocerMartyMeat/SeafoodOtherAdvertisingEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(206) 375-2935Adam Goss2
January 31, 2023Mt. Vernon Red Apple2804NikiDeli ManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 336-2251Adam Goss
January 31, 2023Mt. Vernon Red Apple2455BrianMeat Department ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 336-2251Adam Goss
January 31, 2023Saar's Super Saver FoodsDavidDirector Meat Seafood Deli BakeryMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(206) 418-8674Austin Judd2
January 30, 2023Cascadia ProduceJeremy VrablikOwnerOtherEggEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(206) 660-7723Tim Bordenkircher2
January 30, 2023Morton Country Market6118Jennifer Guentherdeli managerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 496-50213
January 30, 2023Cutsforth Thriftway2142Jeff RiceBakery Manager/BuyerBakeryEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 884-9470Curt Grant2
January 30, 2023graziano foodservicemark schmidtBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 236-8207Adam Goss1
January 28, 2023Green Valley Meats3358Sabrina WareManger/OwnerOtherOffice ManagerEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 833-8131Jessie Vasquez4
January 27, 2023Summerland CateringMike CasettaOwnerOtherAllEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 957-1025Adam Goss6 or More6
January 26, 2023Crystal Creek Meats3083Jacob SheppardOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 430-2941AL Shelton4
January 25, 2023Sherm's FFL312Leon CallahanManager/buyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 779-0171Derek Morejohn1
January 25, 2023Tri City Meats348Scott StonnerOwner/ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 239-4474Derek Morejohn4
January 24, 2023Western Caroline Trading Co.3079Daisy Aguilar - BaldeoBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(680) 488-8610Renee Wolf2
January 24, 2023Azure Standard DistributionAnitaBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(971) 200-8351Jazmin2
January 24, 2023Harbor Greens MarketJason BennettRegional manager/buyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 851-7911Jason Robbins3
January 23, 2023Taylor's Sausage Inc.Emily NicholsOwner/CFOMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 592-4185Eliot Nelson2
January 23, 2023McNeil Canyon Meat Inc3914Tim FultonSales ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
January 23, 2023McNeil Canyon Meat Inc3914Thomas BlaineOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
January 23, 2023Azteca Súper Market2975Edgar UribeOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 801-0501Azteca Súper market PO Box 3015 Shelton wa 985046 or More11
January 23, 2023Home Meat ServiceJordan WallerstedtGeneral ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 426-16432
January 20, 2023Quality Sales Foodservice1606Joe PluttBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(907) 458-0000Joe1
January 19, 2023Stewarts Meats1834Butch CarlsonOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 458-2091Jessie2
January 19, 2023Minder Meats Inc685Sam SwansonSalesSeafoodEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 649-5848Kevin Marcotte2
January 19, 2023Johnson's SmokehouseJosh JohnsonGMMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 459-8169Jesse Vasquez3
January 18, 2023Megafoods1376Pedro LópezMeat managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 999-4520Austin2
January 18, 2023RAYS WHOLESALE MEATSMIKE MENARDPURCHASINGMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 969-1987JESSIE VASQUEZ2
January 18, 2023Nicky USA1662Bree RostanSalesMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(702) 236-9007Jazmine4
January 17, 2023APLKevinAPL Trade Guam Trade ManagerOtherTransportationEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(310) 420-9685Rene Wolf1
January 17, 2023Pacific Seafood Mukilteo828Rob HolidayMeat BuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(425) 347-7994AL Shelton1
January 17, 2023Pacific Seafood Mukilteo828Travis OlsenMeat BuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(425) 347-7994AL Shelton1
January 17, 2023Astoria CoopRyan DodgeBuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(530) 665-3509Greg Donnelly2
January 17, 2023Sherms Thunderbird Roseburg57Brian BaileyMeat ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 673-8525AL Shelton2
January 17, 2023Roth Fresh Marketsmultiple all 9 of the Roth storesMario SantanaMeat DirectorMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 393-7684AL Shelton2
January 17, 2023Sherms Thunderbird311 and 7311Kelly KlineMeat ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 779-4274AL Shelton4
January 16, 2023Greenfield Custom Meat1268Kelly NicholsBusiness ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(208) 888-9690Curt Grant2
January 15, 2023Meridian meatGavin T SchoopGeneral managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(208) 971-8281Laura M4
January 13, 2023Chester's Market3492James BryantMeat dept managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 669-1013Adam Goss1
January 13, 2023Chester's Market3497William WyllieOperations Manager Chester's MarketsOtherAllEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 620-8383Derek Morejohn3
January 13, 2023DAY SHIP SUPPLY73Bruce DayownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 267-3813Jason Robbins2
January 13, 2023Okies ThriftwayKathleen M MooreDeli managerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 665-5799Adam Goss2
January 12, 2023Carlton Packing26Josh "JT" TotmanBuyer Warehouse Prod SupervisorMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 852-7356Eliot3
January 12, 2023Marvel Food & Deli -Auburn3477DanielbuyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(253) 334-3251Andrew2
January 12, 2023Emersons102BruceownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 773-7310Tony2
January 12, 2023Miner St. Meat Market3714Ken BarnesOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(530) 340-5354Curt Grant3
January 12, 2023Corrpac PackagingJeff SayBuyer/PlannerOtherPurchasingEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 352-1531Bryce McKay3
January 11, 2023Triple JJeff JonesPresidentMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(671) 687-83421
January 11, 2023White Salmon Harvest market3868Gary DallasManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 493-9494Eliot3
January 11, 2023White Salmon Harvest Market3869Kathy GeterManagerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(509) 493-9494Eliot3
January 11, 2023Peterkin Dist264 chill 7264 FreezeRod PeterkinOwnerOtherall dept Meat frozen etcEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
January 11, 2023Howards Meats716Jordan HowardOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 884-8430Eliot4
January 11, 2023Reed and Hertig288Karl HertigManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(503) 861-2237Jason Robbins4
January 11, 2023SHERMS FOOD 4 LESSLEON CALLAHANMEAT BUYER MANAGERMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 779-0171DEREK MOREJOHN2
January 11, 2023Alaska CommercialMultiple store numbersSteve GoettschMeat buyerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(907) 273-4802Allen Shelton2
January 11, 2023Fishers Red Rock Meats3068Dave Fisher JrOwnerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 416-0711Allen Shelton4
January 11, 2023McDonald WholesaleMark SwanVendor Relations ManagerOtherFoodserviceEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 345-8421brent langham2
January 11, 2023McDonald WholesaleShaun LambertSupervisorOtherPurchasing DepartmentEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 349-8822Patrick Walsh / Brent Langham4
January 11, 2023McKay'sKelly MardockDeli Supervisor/BuyerDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 662-0515Louie Agosto2
January 11, 2023Granite Falls IGA858Lisa SackmanManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.Adam Goss2
January 11, 2023Clackamas County JailMonire ChildKitchen CoordinatorOtherKitchenEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(507) 722-6758Eliot Nelson2
January 10, 2023Zupan's MarketRobert RichardsMeat ManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.2
January 10, 20233 Bears Alaskamultiple storesShane GreenMeat SupervisorMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(907) 357-4311Eliot1
January 10, 2023Matt's Meats323Tanner PlilerManagerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 560-2447Eliot4
January 10, 2023Butcher Boys Vanc21Peter KerfurstownerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 693-6241Eliot4
January 10, 2023Cartwright Medford3331Troy HigginsMeat managerMeatEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(458) 225-9623Eliot3
January 10, 2023Zupan's3684 Macadam, 3688 Lake Oswego and 3686 BurnsideGrace Tara-Hilemandeli supervisorDeliEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(360) 737-2728Eliot4
January 10, 2023Cartwrights GP27Jaime CartwrightOwnerOtherall departments owns Medford and Grants Pass locationEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(541) 479-0321Eliot2
January 10, 2023Shanghai's Best3463Lin ChenownerOtherKorean storeEmail hidden; Javascript is required.